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Great indie film which talks about the forces decimating the Village – unaffordable housing, unsustainable small businesses, and the intensely evil and predatory influence of NYU. Eye-opening and a pleasure to watch! Katherine Slawinski

Village Independent Democrats member

Poignant and sometimes unnerving. The Lost Village is a microcosm of the big picture. Paradiso is not afraid to speak his mind. He is willing, on your behalf, to tell it like it is! Laura Warfield


I particularly feel badly about the young folk who are strapped with the undue financial burden of procuring an education… throughout the whole USA. The film addressed many issues… I thought it was great… Claudia Saunders

The Village is a microcosm of what is happening across the United States where the disparity of income between rich and poor is now higher than anytime in our history. This extraordinary documentary raises the alarm and surprisingly offers a way to counter such take-overs through citizen activism and grass-root organizations. A must-see for anyone concerned about where the U.S. is going under the rule of the oligarchs. James Cass Rogers


This is a razor sharp investigation of the slow evisceration of Greenwich Village. It has a lot to say about the cannibalistic nature of capitalism in this country, and where we are headed. Very timely and well done. Steve Gorelick

NJ Film Commission

The Lost Vlllage is a gripping portrait of the systemic legalized corporate crime spree devouring not only Greenwich Villlage but all our major urban landscapes until there is nowhere that 95% of us can afford to live. Director Roger Paradiso expertly crafts a potent call to arms that deserves to find its mass audience. Kurt Jacobsen

Filmmaker & Author